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These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you and Vaener AB, Swedish Corporate identity number 559116-8496, Box 115, SE-541 23 Skövde, Sverige. By using and trading through this site you have accepted these terms of use. Make sure you have read and understood these terms of use before ordering goods through our website.


To order through the website, you must agree to the terms. By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to comply with the terms and conditions in its entirety and confirm that you have read the information and agree to the use under the terms of the Vaener Watch.

You can at any time remove a product from the shopping cart before you place an order.

To complete an order, click on “Finish purchase”.


Once we have received your order, we will send an electronic confirmation to your e-mail address as confirmation of your purchase. It is therefore important that you enter the correct e-mail address when making an order. We recommend that you save the email because the order confirmation also serves as your receipt and proof of purchase if you need to take advantage of the warranty.


You can choose to pay by bank card, credit card or by invoice. Outside Sweden, you can only pay by card. All payment is made via Klarna Checkout and Vaener AB never handles any account or credit card number.


You pay securely with Visa, MasterCard or American Express via the internet. Vaener Watches does not charge any additional fees for card payments. However, your bank may charge a fee, depending on the card type and bank. When paying by credit or debit card, the terms start as soon as the card transaction has been approved. In case no payment has been received after you have placed your order, the order can automatically be canceled by Vaener Watches.


When you choose to pay via invoice, you can decide whether to pay on the order or later (up to 14 days from the date of order). Delivery can only be made to your population registration address. You have the opportunity to divide your payment, in cooperation with Klarna.


All prices shown on the Vaener Watches website,, include Swedish VAT in accordance with applicable legislation. Please note that when ordering is sent to a shipping address outside of the EU, you may be liable for payment of import charges and taxes charged when shipment reaches your shipping address. You are responsible for the payment of such import duties and taxes. Vaener Watches has no control over these fees, and because they differ in different countries, we can not predict their amount. We recommend that you contact the customs authorities of each country for further information.


Vaener Watches supplies its products all over the world in cooperation with Postnord and its partners in other countries. Delivery time is usually 1-3 days. If you as a customer perceive that the delivery of a product is so delayed that you do not wish to complete the purchase, it is your responsibility to make a cancellation. In cases where the order has been sent, you are required to receive the order. A cancellation will be valid only when a confirmation from Vaener Watches via email or phone has been received. If a product has expired, Vaener Watches has the right to cancel the purchase and make a refund for payment already made. Vaener Watches will notify the customer if a return item or equivalent product becomes available.


You are entitled to cancel an order and return goods by contacting Vaener Watches Customer Service. You can do so via the contact form found on under the “Contact Us” tab within 30 days of receiving the goods. Returns for reasons other than claims require that the goods have not been packaged and in the same condition as when you received them. The customer is responsible for possible incurred costs for such return of goods. Return shipping is to be done by registered letter.


All our products are covered by a two-year guarantee from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects on the watch itself (watch, case, glass, bracelet). Parts other than those mentioned above, such as batteries for example, are not covered by this warranty. If you want a replacement product covered by this warranty, use the contact form on the Vaener Watches Contact Page.

In the email, enter “Reclaim of Purchase” as a subject. The following information must be included:


Your name


Order number

Detailed description of the problem


If approved, Vaener Watches will refund your return costs. If Vaener Watches does not find the defects specified, the product will be returned at the customer’s expense. Please note that in the following cases, repairs and replacements are not included in the warranty:


– Faults or damage caused by improper use or negligence (shock, buckles, crushing damage, broken glass, etc.)

– Error or damage caused by improper repair or modification

– Faults or damage caused by fire, water or a natural disaster such as an earthquake

– Aesthetic changes that arise from normal use or aging (minor scratches or similar on case or glasses, color changes on the watch strap and plaque flagging)

– If the place of purchase and date of purchase is not stated on the warranty, or if this information has been written later

– If the guarantee certificate / proof of purchase is not submitted together with the watch.


Vaener Watches may, under warranty, choose to repair the watch with equivalent parts if the original is no longer available, or offer the customer a free replacement item in accordance with the terms specified herein and within the specified time period.


Warranty terms do not constitute a limitation on the customer’s right of claim under law.


It is important that you as a customer carefully examine the item as soon as you receive it. If your product has been damaged during transport, you must report this to the carrier as soon as possible. This applies regardless of whether it is a visible injury or not. If after receiving of the product you find that it is damaged or does not match what you ordered, please contact us within 30 days. Any complaints should be made to Vaener Watches Customer Service via our contact form on the website. Enter your order number and the reason for your complaint and we will return to you as soon as possible. This also applies to returns.


Any incorrect products returned to Vaener Watches should be treated with care by the customer as if they were flawless. Whatever the reason for return, it is important that the product is packaged so that it can not be damaged during transport. If a product is to be replaced, this is done against a product of the corresponding model with the corresponding value. If a particular product is the outcome, the customer is entitled to repayment instead. In case an advertised product does not show any errors, Vaener Watches will return the product at the expense of the customer.


Vaener Watche’s liability for errors in connection with delivery is limited in accordance with the applicable delivery terms for the current delivery and the terms of these terms.

Our liability to you for any losses or damages arising from your order at is limited to the total amount of your order. Vaener Watches is not responsible for indirect losses.


Vaener Watches shall be exempt from liability and other penalties caused by circumstances beyond the control of Vaener Watches. Such circumstances include government intervention, new or amended legislation, war, fires, floods, strikes, prohibitions, restrictions, tampering, bad transport and weather conditions, non-delivery by suppliers, or whether Vaener Watches or its partners are exposed to criminal activity.


All intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyrights, on this website belonging to Vaener Watches may not be used for commercial purposes without permission from us. Any use of or its contents, including copying or storage of such content in whole or in part thereof, other than for your own personal non-commercial use, is prohibited without permission from us. This site is exclusively owned by Vaener Watches. All material contained on this site is reserved use of Vaener Watches.


Vaener Watches has the right to change prices, charge extra costs and change product information without prior notice. Product images and other information aim to reflect the product as accurately as possible. However, we reserve ourselves for any errors that may occur on the web page and can not guarantee that all images fully reflect the full real time of the watch. The images should be seen as illustrations only. Image quality may also vary depending on the color settings you have on your monitor.


The website may contain user-generated content from, for example, social media. Vaener Watches does not claim ownership of such content (images, photos and videos, etc.) and does not assume any legal liability whatsoever. If you suspect infringements of copyright or other rights or otherwise insulted by such content, contact our customer service.


All products are Vaener Watches property until full payment is paid.


All fraud is reported to police and Vaener Watches reserves the right to cancel the purchase if suspicions arise.


These terms and conditions and your use of the site are governed by Swedish law. To the extent permitted by law, Swedish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising out of these Terms or Use of the Website, except for cases where Vaener Watches, of course, elects to take legal action against a customer / user where this has its residence.


Vaener Watches reserves the right to terminate your account and / or your use of to your liking, for example, if Vaener Watches suspects breach of these terms and conditions. Such termination may be made without prior notice.


Vaener Watches may change these terms and conditions from time to time. Each time you order a product from, the terms and conditions applicable will be applicable to the contract between you and Vaener Watches. Therefore, you should always review the terms and conditions before making an order.