The Swedish watch brand Væner Watches draws its inspiration from Lake Vänern in Sweden. The brand was founded by me, Martin Andersson, born and raised close to the lake. Amongst my roots, I have found my very own interpretation of Lake Vänern, where I spent countless hours of my childhood listening to the waves hitting the shore and feeling the soothing wind between the trees. Now, years later, I treasure these memories. Like many others before me, I was drawn to the tranquillity and simplicity. Lake Vänern is not just reflected in the name, Væner, but also in the traditional, Swedish craftsmanship, with the idea of a tranquil, minimalist design embodied in the watch. The slightly rounded casing was given its shape to symbolise the lapping waves whilst also resting lightly, yet securely on your wrist.

Every detail has been carefully selected to create a classical, calm design and if you ask me, the key to this lies in simplicity. Thanks to their carefully crafted design, each individual watch can tell its own story. With a Væner watch on your wrist, you have every reason to be both pleased and proud. This is what a modern watch, firmly rooted in its historical lineage, should look – and feel like.


Our first collection was released in winter 2018 and given the name Torsö. Ever since I was a child, I have spent my summers with family on the island of Torsö, on Lake Vänern. I have spent a considerable amount of time with my family amongst the colourful cottages and dense pine forests, in the warm evening air.

Væner – Torsö is a classic watch. The collection is the result of an intensive process where we kept refining material choices, details and design. This led us to a classic design, combining its ancient lineage with a modern, contemporary profile.


Lake Vänern is an important part of Swedish history, the history that has inspired our use of the letter æ. You find it in our brand as a reference to the ancient history of the Swedish language. The letter was once used in words where we now use ‘ä’ instead. It is a reminder of the historical lineage that shaped our design and the brand now known as Væner Watches. Æ was used in medieval, ancient Swedish, though, with the advent of the printing press, it was replaced by the letter ä. The Æ is also a matter of aesthetics. It looks good on the watch face, does it not?